About Us


We believe we need a Council that trusts and believes in the People. We believe in electing Councilors will happily open the books, not be secretive about their business. We want to elect Councilors who believe in restoring trust between our Council and our Membership, not Councilors who think only they know what is best for us.

This campaign is organized by a bunch of Nation members who want change. We’re from North Vancouver and Squamish Valley. We’ve seen that over the past four years, our nation is going in the wrong direction.

We wanted a way to organize for change. We think the best way is for our people to have a voice is to come together and name nine candidates who have never been elected before that we think best represents change. So this campaign is about creating an opportunity to pick (a week before voting begins) the best candidates that represent a change through a community opinion poll, and then we're working our asses off to get the ones you have chosen to be the change we need.

We want to be an open, inclusive, and positive campaign. We want all candidates to have a chance to sign people up to this campaign. Every single community member has been afforded access to New Nine Campaign’s open source tools and downloadable materials. We will knock on doors, spread the word on social media, and help rally their media and help gather all our friends, family, and neighbors to vote for the kind of change they want to see in our community.

Through working together to restore trust and unity, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

This is how change happens.