Q: What is the New Nine Campaign?

A: The New Nine Campaign is a campaign to get nine new people elected to the Squamish Nation Council in the 2017 elections. Run by volunteer members of the Squamish Nation who feel it’s time for some positive, helpful change and getting nine new members elected to Council is the best way to achieve that.


Q: How does it work?

A: Our team will be asking members over the election period to pledge to vote for nine new members to Council using door knocking, phone calls, text messaging, and social media.


Q: What if I want to vote for more than nine?

A: In the Squamish Nation elections, members can make one to sixteen marks on their ballot for Council. They do not need to vote for 16. Our campaign will be promoting nine candidates who have never been on Council before.


Q: What if I want to vote for other candidates not promoted?

A: We’re asking our members to vote for a new nine councilors so we can see real change in our Council. Any members who sign up is also free to vote for more than just the new nine our campaign will promote. This allows all members to include our nine suggested candidates, plus some other candidates they might like or support.


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: The Squamish Nation elections are the only opportunity to create change in our nation. We believe it’s time for a change.


Q: How will you determine who the “nine” is?

A: 8 days before voting begins, our campaign will release a ’voter intentions survey’ to ask members who they plan to vote for that best represents change. We’ll be door knocking, phone calls, text messaging, and using social media to ask members to fill out the short survey. 

Once the survey results are compiled, the results of the survey will be released, and our campaign will push members to vote for the nine selected through this process.


Q: What about the Squamish Valley? How will the Squamish Valley’s concerns be included?

A: Our campaign believes in Squamish Valley getting proper representation. Our team of volunteers will be door knocking in the Squamish Valley to be included in the survey, but will also release the results of who members in the Squamish Valley wish to vote for out of the candidate who resides there. This is to help promote new candidates from the Squamish Valley with voters in North Vancouver and off-reserve.


Q: How many do I have to vote for in this election?

A: You only have to make between one to sixteen marks on your ballot. You do not need to put sixteen marks on your ballot.


Q: Do you need help? How can I help?

A: Yes! We need help. Come join our campaign office and lend a few hours to make positive change. Sign up to volunteer.


Q: I want to participate in the survey. Where do I take the survey?

A: The survey will be released in a couple of weeks.

Would you like to sign up to be the first to know when the survey is released?

Yes, I would like to sign up to take the survey!


Q: When can I vote?

A: All Squamish Nation members can vote in the Advanced Poll on Dec 7th, 2017 and Final Vote on Dec 10th, 2017. Locations and times TBA.

Q: Can I vote with a mail-in ballot or online voting?

A: Mail-in ballots or online voting should be offered, but unfortunately they are not. This is because the 1981 Election Regulations used for our elections haven’t been updated since their creation in 1981.

Not giving all members equal ability to vote our elections and could be a form of discrimination. If you feel this policy discriminates against you, sign our petition as we compile formal complaints.