This year, hundreds of Squamish members came together to create the campaign for A New Nine -- a plan to elect 9 new councillors who can bring real change to council. In an open process, 300 Squamish members voted to choose nine candidates that have the best chance to be real change.

If elected, our nine candidates are committed to taking immediate action on:


Housing is a massive issue in the Squamish Nation, on-reserve and off-reserve. Our members want action on housing. If elected, our team is committed to:

1. Immediately make on-reserve member-financed housing an option for our members.

2. Take action to build more homes, including building up with multi-story buildings.


All of the New Nine candidates support online live-streaming of Council meetings and posting the live streamed meetings in a Members-only section of the website. The New Nine team supports the posting of Council motions and meeting minutes online for all members to read or see in a secured site for members only.

If elected, all New Nine candidates would call for these ideas to be implemented ASAP.


All New Nine candidates are unequivocally opposed to Woodfibre LNG. If elected, all New Nine candidates are committed to standing up for our water and opposing the proposed Woodfibre LNG project.

Pay Equity For Employees

All New Nine candidates support pay equity for Squamish Nation employees. Our employees should be paid fairly and paid the same wages as off-reserve employees for the same type of work.

Governance Manual

All New Nine candidates believe the Governance Manual needs to be sent to Membership for a review. If elected, the New Nine candidates would send the Governance Manual to Membership for feedback and input ASAP.

Election Reform

All New Nine candidate support the draft Election & Referendum Law written by Membership. The team supports bringing election reform back to Membership for input and a vote by Membership on the draft law. If elected, our team would call for election reform to move forward ASAP.

Off Reserve

Off-Reserve members are members too. All New Nine candidates support treating Off-Reserve members equally. If elected, all New Nine candidates support the Administration developing and reviewing processes to help off-reserve members get equal access to programs and services that are paid for with own source revenue.


Education is an essential path to success as a nation. All New Nine candidates believe it's time for an increase in the monthly living allowance for post-secondary students. The living allowance has not increased in 10 years, and a New Nine believes it's time for an increase.

Other Issues:

  • The above are all issues the New Nine is committed to taking immediate action on if elected. A vote for all nine is a vote for these ideas. If you have other areas of concern not listed above, we encourage you to reach out to individual candidates from our list to hear their position on various community issues.